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Friday's 6.6 magnitude earthquake

The earthquake hit 10km southeast of Seddon, Marlborough, at 2.31pm on Friday, damaging the town's roads and buildings.

Damage in Wellington appears to be minor and the majority of the city will be business as usual on Monday.

However, some buildings in locations including Wellington, Porirua, Petone and Blenheim are still being checked and workers will not be allowed in, officials said cover for galaxy s3.

All bridges, tunnels, council buildings and retaining walls were checked on Friday, with no problems reported, the council said.

Work is continuing to demolish a nine-storey lift shaft on Lukes Lane, initially damaged in the 6.5 earthquake in July.

This is expected to take several days and the council has evacuated about 30 people from nearby buildings.

In Seddon, all but five homes have been declared habitable.

Many properties sustained damage to chimneys, cloud computing companies windows and brickwork.

The emergency response base at Seddon School was closed on Sunday.

Some Marlborough roads were closed due to surface flooding, Civil Defence in Marlborough says.

Some warning signs had been stolen and caution was advised in any flooded area.

State Highway 1 was open wigs long hair.

Aftershocks have continued throughout the weekend with several over magnitude 5.
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